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Osmond, Rundgren Might Team Up On Album Project
by Gary Graff
December 8, 2011


As he reaches the 40-year anniversary of his first solo album, Donny Osmond is starting to think about returning to his own work — although his long-running residency with sister Marie at the Flamingo in Las Vegas has stood in the way.

''Nobody knew this 'Donny & Marie' thing was going to kick in like it did back in 2008, when we first started," Osmond said. "So all of my efforts have been placed into this, and I had to put my solo career on hold for quite some time. I'm thinking in the next couple of years I can focus a little bit more on a solo album."

Osmond said the Vegas show is contracted through 2012. "They want to go more, but I just don't know if I can," he said. And if an album does wind up being his next project, Osmond may well have an interesting collaborator — Todd Rundgren.

''I was going to do an album with him, and it never materialized," Osmond recalled. "Our paths just didn't cross again. But we've met several times and he was serious about it. We started looking for songs and the whole bit, and it just was, 'I'll call you back because I gotta do this.' But we were ready to go.

"I thought that would have been a very interesting collaboration ... so maybe Rundgren is the right guy."

Osmond has recorded a new holiday song, "If Every Day Could Be Christmas," that's available for free via his website,
"It sounds like a classic," he said of the holiday tune. "It sounds like something you've heard before, but it's a new song."



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