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Donny Osmond Stops By Navy Pier
WBEZ 91.5
by Kate Dries
December 19, 2011


1. Spotted: Donny Osmond at Navy Pier, buying a Chicken Cubano sandwich at the Haagen Dazs there (here). He's apparently a very nice man, who went to Navy Pier because he's trying to see as much of Chicago as possible in his short time here for Donny & Marie - Christmas In Chicago. Our source says Osmond was then informed that Navy Pier is not really the part of Chicago you want to see if you come to Chicago, no matter what the tour books say. The Haagen Dazs is definitely worth a visit though.

2. Let's read a bunch of commentary about UP! by way of the food and the cleanliness, from the Sun-Times and Comedy of Chicago. The former describes the current Second City with this sentence: "Seating is cramped, changing areas are no-frills, food is ... edible," while the latter says the new space " is done in a sort of retro chic cabaret style with state of the art audio visual capabilities."

3. South Pacific is still planning on wending its way to Chicago. In preparation for this move, tickets went on sale Friday for the production, which will be here for two weeks in February, starting on Valentine's Day.




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