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'American Idol' Hits A Sour Note For Donny Osmond
Hollywood Outbreak
by Mari Cartel
January 21, 2011

American Idol did very well on Wednesday averaging nearly 27 million viewers for the first night of the new season. But, that doesn’t mean much to Donny Osmond, who is voicing his biting view of the revamped concept. However, he might want to hold back on handing out a death sentence for AI just yet.

While the singer-turned-dancer-turned radio talk show host isn’t thrilled with the new combo of judges and says he’s ready to call it quits to watching the reality competition, we say he ought to take a second look.

“The first rule of entertainment is there has to be some kind of conflict,” Osmond admonished in a written release from his radio program. “Conflict is what makes it interesting. I’m sorry, but without Simon Cowell, there is no conflict. With Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, you have three white hats and no villain. It just doesn’t work! … It’s been fun, American Idol, but it’s time to say ‘see ya!’ ”

We admit we were skeptical about the combination of judges – almost as though it were a bit of stunt casting on the part of the producers.
However, returning Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe’s new vision for the 10th season is proving to be a good mix of opinions. Jackson, Lopez and Tyler seem to be breathing new life into Idol with different perspectives – but it also doesn’t hurt to have a number of impressive contestants auditioning.

And that’s really what the show is supposed to be about anyway, isn’t it? Finding that next superstar? And so far, a number of those Idol wannabes have been pretty remarkable.



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