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Donny Osmond, Brooke Burke Gives Advice On Dancing With The Stars
by Jodi Jill
May 17, 2011

The Dancing with the Stars finals are only a week away and the three celebrities who made it through on Tuesday night need to be listening to past winners. The first hour of Tuesday night’s Dancing with the Stars brought some big names and familiar faces to the dance floor including current host Brooke Burke and Donny Osmond.

Brooke Burke was season seven winner and she shared just how hard the freestyle dance was for her. Exhausted and pushing virtually no energy left, she along with her dance partner actually performed the entire freestyle routine for the first time on stage live. While the two practiced segments in rehearsal, they were concerned that it would be too much energy for a complete run-through so they opted to do it live. As they say, the rest is history as Brook Burke did very well that year.

Donny Osmond  also talked about the focus of the freestyle. Sharing the contestant had to be themselves, he attributed his win to part technique on the dance floor and part showmanship.  Never to give up his delight for the year, he was beaming sharing all the memories of his season nine win.

The freestyle dance is what many say define the win on Dancing with the Stars. With the only rule being there are no rules, any technique, lift or just plain insanity is fair game on the dance floor to show off.  As Brooke Burke, Donny Osmond and the others talked about their big dances the contestants for this year looked on intently from the audience. It appeared they were ready for any dance that might be thrown their direction.



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