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Donny Osmond Predicts Correctly: Ralph Macchio Eliminated On 'Dancing'
by Jodi Jill
May 18, 2011

Donny Osmond did it again. The Dancing with the Stars winner of season 9 once again predicted the outcome of the show for another spot on elimination for the semifinals. The champ was on Good Morning America Tuesday morning discussing what he thought would be the outcome of the results show with the final cut before the final three being Ralph Macchio.

"I am making a prediction right now. My prediction is Ralph Macchio is going out tonight,” said Donny Osmond. “All four of them deserve to be there."

As it played out on Tuesday night, it was obvious that Osmond not only was correct but has a definite love for the show. Macchio went home and the fans, while stunned, were sad to see him go. In an elimination some thought was helped by the low judges scores, there wasn’t any shortness.

Donny Osmond was on stage as well during the first hour of the show critiquing his winning dance from his season and lighting up the audience. Calling DWTS the “Greatest Show on Television,” there isn’t any reason this entertainer doesn’t pick up the microphone and help host the show with Tom Burgeron.

So far Donny Osmond hasn’t picked a winner for the season, but once he does everyone needs to call their bookie. With access to the show, a pulse on the news and the experience of a professional, there isn’t any doubt he has a one out of three shot of accuracy.



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