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Dancing With The Stars Alums Donny And Marie
'Score A 10' In New Las Vegas Show
April 7, 2011


Last night, in Las Vegas, Donny & Marie Osmond debuted their newly re-vamped show at The Flamingo Hotel to an unsuspecting audience.

For the last five weeks, Director Richard Jay-Alexander and Choreographer Jaymz Tuaileva have been rehearsing the two stars and the dancers of the 3 year (SRO) show DONNY & MARIE "off-campus" in preparation for upcoming touring dates and for repeat audiences on the strip who have already seen the show, as the two stars just renewed their contract with the legendary showroom.

It just happened to be a bit of a family night, with Colm Wilkinson (Jean Valjean in LES MISERABLES and The Phantom in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) was in the audience, with his wife Deidre. Also there, by coincidence, was Gavin McLeod (THE LOVE BOAT. THE Mary Tyler Moore SHOW). Marie Osmond appeared on THE LOVE BOAT (with McLeod) and Donny and Colm both starred in Toronto at the same time... Colm in PHANTOM / Donny in JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT.

Richard Jay-Alexander had a nice reunion with Wilkinson, both alums of Broadway's LES MISERABLES and the night before with Anthony Crivello, Las Vegas' PHANTOM - the original Bamatabois/Grantaire from MIZ on Broadway.

The show is beautifully staged and paced with lighting by Peter Morse (Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Ricky Martin, Janet Jackson, etc.) and the sibling duo generously shared with the audience vintage footage of their five decade career. Donny and Marie is performed with a live band that really cooks, with great arrangements and musical direction by Jerry Williams. Donny and Marie are a 'must-see' and deliver the laughter and tears of a lifetime. Classy. A '10'. 

They got multiple standing ovations for their performances together, as well as for their solo sections of the show. Among the standout numbers and ovations were "But The World Goes 'Round" and "Somewhere" for Marie and "Yo-Yo" and "Whenever You're In Trouble" for Donny.

This show stands alone, in a class by itself, on the Las Vegas Strip and is staged in the legendary and last showroom of its kind at the Flamingo Hotel.

The show continues to sell-out, with no end in sight.

Gavin McLeod, Marie Osmond,
Colm Wilkinson, Deidre Wilkinson, Donny Osmond

Colm Wilkinson, Marie Osmond,
Richard-Jay Alexander, Donny Osmond

Gavin McLeod, Marie Osmond

Gavin McLeod, Marie Osmond, and Friends

Greg Sperry, Gavin McLeod,
Marie Osmond, Greg Young

Greg Sperry, Gavin McLeod, Marie Osmond,
Gred Young, Richard-Jay Alexander,
Deidre Wilkinson, Colm Wilkinson, Donny Osmond

Greg Sperry, Marie Osmond, Greg Young
Donny Osmond, and Richard Jay Alexander





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