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Dancing With The Stars 2009 Winner
Screen Junkies
April 24, 2011

The "Dancing with the Stars" 2009 Winner was Donny Osmond, the male counterpart of the brother and sister Osmond singing duo. He danced with professional dancing partner Kym Johnson. "Dancing with the Stars" is a talent dancing show which has grown increasing popular on ABC and by 2009 was one of the biggest hit shows in the country. Those who watch "Dancing with the Stars" must pay attention to the smallest detail of every contestant's dance number, judging them just like the judges who are hired to judge the competition will judge them. Breaking down why Donny Osmond was the "Dancing with the Stars" 2009 Winner is broken down below.

Musical Experience. Donny and his sister Marie Osmond have been playing music for decades and were first made famous (and rich) by recording music together. This natural musical talent definitely plays into an added amount of dancing ability in the "Dancing With The Stars" 2009 competition and probably helped him to become the winner.

Look and Build. Donny Osmond is a celebrity who has the look of someone who could be a ballroom dancing professional, adding to his ability to be chosen as the "Dancing With The Stars" 2009 Winner. He also appears to be in good shape, allowing him to pick up and spin his dancing partner, among other difficult "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom dancing moves.

Demeanor. Despite being a bit cheesy and having to constantly deflect the jokes made about the fact that he seems to be singing love songs to his sister, Donny Osmond is a nice guy. People like him, which is another reason why he has had such a successful career as an entertainer and won the "Dancing with the Stars" competition in 2009.

His pretty partner. Kym Johnson is attractive and also an excellent dancer. But the partner on "Dancing with the Stars" definitely helps to decide the winner and Kym appeared as attractive, cheerful and all-American as they come, perfect for the "Dancing with the Stars" audience.



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