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David Osmond Concert A Warm Fuzzy
Deseret News
by Sharon Haddock
March 23, 2011


OREM — David Osmond clearly has the family entertainment genes.
At the SCERA on March 19, he moved easily through back-to-back concerts, singing, dancing, playing his guitar and bringing the audience into his world without undue effort.

He was relaxed, energetic, upbeat and focused as he sang tunes from familiar artists — "Superstitious" from Stevie Wonder looks good on him — and songs from his original inventory "The Road Less Traveled" and "The Loneliest Walk."

He joked about his life and his heritage, brought his pregnant wife on stage to meet the fans, celebrated the BYU Cougars' basketball victory and apologized for fading out in the 7 p.m. concert. (He apparently overdid it and nearly passed out.)

He explained his ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis and congratulated his dad, sitting in the audience, for showing him how to live with physical challenge.

Judging from the audience reaction — an audience made up of teenagers, friends and family, and senior citizen-age fans — he's a hit.
His music is interesting, easy to listen to and his style is suave. During the 9 p.m. concert, there was a liberal mix of light rock, love ballad, oldie-but-goodie and gospel pop such as "He Hears Me," a "Christian rock pop" song written for his Deseret Book CD.

There isn't a single cut that stands out from the rest, which is a shame, but it's all nice.

The rock-n-roll numbers are nicer than the ballads, though. "Danny Boy" isn't really a good fit, while "We're Staying Together" is.

He clearly knows what he's doing when he sings and performs. He has the smile. He has the vocal chords.

He just needs to figure out where he is going in the industry.



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