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David Osmond Pauses for SCERA Concert
Deseret News
by Sharon Haddock
March 17, 2011

David Osmond

OREM — David Osmond is a busy guy these days.

He's performing all over the country, speaking at college functions and church firesides. He's recording new songs and serving as the ambassador for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

So why is he more than fine with taking a weekend to do not one, but two shows in Orem at the 450-seat SCERA Center for the Arts?

"My wife is seven months pregnant and I promised her I'd stay close around. I've been traveling a ton," Osmond said. "And the SCERA keeps asking. They ask me a lot."

He feels a pull to perform where his father and The Osmond Brothers started out and he really likes putting on shows for the hometown crowd. So he said "yes" to a concert.

The word spread and the concert sold out so quickly that the SCERA management asked him if he'd do a second concert the same night.
"It'll be fun. It's what I love to do," Osmond said. "I hope that my voice holds out."

He's only joking, of course.

Osmond's voice has had plenty of regular exercise.

He started performing at the age of 4 and has worked on stage steadily for the past 20-plus years, singing two shows a day every week in Branson, Mo., with his family, working at 18 as an understudy and touring company lead for his uncle Donny in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," surviving to the finals on "American Idol" and cutting a number of successful albums. (He'll be singing songs from those albums in Saturday's concerts, songs requested by his faithful Facebook and Twitter fans).

He's also showing his friends and family that he's winning his battle with MS, a disease he watched his father Alan fight for years.

"My dad's a massive hero of mine," Osmond said. "He's beat the odds. He often says, 'I may have MS but MS doesn't have me.' That's my motto now, too."

The disease pulled David Osmond out of the public spotlight for about a year following his 2009 appearance on "American Idol."

"I technically haven't gotten over it," he said. "You never get over it, but I'm doing well. I've decided to not use any (prescription) drugs to fight the symptoms, only natural products and that seems to be working for me."

Osmond just completed his debut solo album, "Reflected," as well as his debut inspirational album, "Road Less Traveled," released in August 2010.
He said fans can expect a number of his original songs in the SCERA concerts as well as a few traditional favorites.



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