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Donny Osmond To Host Snofest Updates, Tips
Peterborough Examiner
by Galen Eagle
January 7, 2011

Beginning next week, '70s teen idol Donny Osmond could be giving Peterborough radio listeners updates on Snofest or tips on weekend activities.

Peterborough's greatest hits station, 100.5 KRUZ FM, will broadcast Osmond's syndicated show geared towards adults aged 25 to 54.
Launching locally Monday, The Donny Osmond Show will air weekdays at 7 p.m.

The show will provide an energetic, upbeat option for Peterborough listeners seeking a connection with their community, lots of music and fun from the iconic star, the radio station said.

"We got this opportunity to take on this show and we just thought it would be a good a idea," CKRU-FM program director Fred Patterson said. "A classic hits station like KRUZ, his show is styled towards that format so it was just a really good fit."

Osmond will tailor messages for the locally aired show, which gives the station a lot of leeway to engage local listeners, Patterson said.

"Part of the reason we went for it is Donny is just over-the-top co-operative," Patterson said. "He really wants this to work in the markets he is in so he supplies basically anything we want.

"It's a very personable, local show that way. It's all up to us, as much as we want to feed him, he'll read back."

As the champion of the popular Dancing With The Stars TV program last year, Osmond has seen a resurgence in his career at the age of 53.
Beginning as a teen idol and a former member of The Osmond Brothers singing group, Osmond has also been an actor, television series host, best-selling author, commercial spokesman and motivational speaker.
He also staired with his sister in The Donny and Marie Show, one of the most successful variety series ever to air on American television. Since September 2008, the duo has been performing weekly to sellout crowds at The Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas and will continue into 2012.

"Donny Osmond is a classic American performer who has spent the majority of his life bringing smiles to audiences around the world and continues to captivate his tremendous fan base today," Patterson said.

"The opportunity to bring his talents to Peterborough is a rare opportunity. It's one that we couldn't let pass."



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