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Marie Osmond Proudly Unveils New Sparkly Rings After Surprise Wedding To Husband No. 1
Daily Mail
May 9, 2011

Marie Osmond showed off her new diamonds today after remarrying her first husband in a surprise ceremony last week.

The newly-wed singer, 51, beamed with joy as she flashed the jewels while meeting fans outside the Good Morning America studios in New York.
She bucked tradition by deciding to wear her sparkling engagement ring on her left hand and diamond encrusted wedding band on the other.

She was joined by her brother in the Big Apple as the pair began the promotional rounds for their first recorded album in 30 years, Donny & Marie.

Osmond wed Steve Craig for the second time in Las Vegas on Wednesday - and she even managed to squeeze herself into the same dress she wore 29 years ago.

'I can't breathe, but I'm in it!' she said on her big day.

She opted to wear her original gown after deciding she didn't like the new dress that had been designed for the ceremony.

The date was chosen to coincide with the birthday of her late mother and son Michael Bryan, who committed suicide aged 19 last year.

She has also revealed how it was her 28-year-old son Stephen - her only child with Craig - who helped get them back together.

'It was our son who got us to kind of be back together, but [my husband] has been there for me and he's just my best friend, you know, and loves my kids,' she said.

Marie first married former semi-pro basketball player Steve in 1982 with the marriage lasting three years.

In 1986 she walked down the aisle for the second time with Brian Blosil.

They went on to have two children together - Rachel and Matthew - as well as adopting five children, including Michael who killed himself last year by jumping from the eighth floor of his apartment building in Los Angeles.

Steve was said to be a huge support to Marie following Michael's tragic death.

The teenager left a suicide note, explaining he intended to end his life after a lengthy battle with severe depression.

In 2007, aged 16, he entered a rehab facility with Marie praising him at the time for his 'courage' in facing his issues.

In the same year Marie and Blosil announced they were divorcing after 21 years of marriage.



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