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Marie Osmond Remarries
Las Vegas Review Journal
Norm Clarke
May 5, 2011

Flamingo headliner Marie Osmond remarried her first husband, former BYU basketball player Steve Craig, on Wednesday at the Las Vegas LDS Temple.

Their first wedding -- on June 26, 1982 -- was referred to as Utah's version of a royal wedding. It came a year after the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

This one came six days after the royal wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine.

She got married in the same wedding gown she wore when they were married in 1982. They have a son, Steven, now 28. They were married for three years.

Osmond, 51, told People magazine they got married on Wednesday to mark the birthdays of her late son Michael Blosil, from a previous marriage, and her late mother, Olive.

Osmond told Mary Hart of "Entertainment Tonight": "I had a dress all designed (for this wedding), and when it showed up, it was not (right).
"I was so sad, I was actually kind of in tears," she added. But while cleaning out her garage, "all of a sudden this box showed up in this pile of stuff … and it was this dress and it was five days ago.

"I'm not kidding. Isn't that crazy?"

During an appearance Monday with talk-show host Jay Leno, she danced around a question when he asked her about any relationships.

She took Leno's hand, as if making an introduction, and said, "'Hi, I have eight kids,' and that usually kills any chance of a relationship."



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