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Osmond Voted In To Fill Buttars State Senate Seat
March 31, 2011

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah— There is a new state senator in West Jordan, replacing outgoing conservative firebrand Chris Buttars.

Aaron Osmond won a special delegate vote Thursday night to replace outgoing state senator Buttars.

Aaron Osmond is CEO of a real estate investor education company.

“I’m a businessman.  I’m the CEO of a small company here in the Salt Lake Valley. I understand what it’s like, what it takes to run a business in this difficult economy,” Osmond said, debating among candidates before he was voted in.

The final vote was between Osmond and Rep. Ken Ivory. 

Ivory was on the committee that passed House Bill 477, the now repealed public records law.  Osmond says he thinks that played a role in the vote.

“In my perspective the people as well as the delegates were saying ‘you know what, it’s time to tell government enough is enough. Get out of our way, listen to us as a people,’” said Osmond.

“From House Bill 477 to House Bill 165, the people were very concerned about transparency in government. They’re concerned about their ability to make their voice known. And this tonight was the first election in the state of Utah that really gave that referendum back to the people up at Capitol Hill.”

Osmond and Ivory were the final two candidates out of an original field of 12. Osmond garnered about 70 percent of the final vote.

Osmond says the 190 Republican delegates elected him overwhelmingly because they were upset with the last legislative session.

Aaron Osmond is related to the family of famous performing Osmonds from Utah. He is Verle Osmond’s son. Verle is one of the oldest of the original Osmond brothers. 

The senator-elect runs a real estate investment education company called Real Estate Investor Support, LLC.





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