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Osmonds Come Home To Start Hearing Fund
Local News 8
by Marissa Bodnar
May 12, 2011

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho -- You know them as a famous family of singers, and now the Osmonds are launching a foundation to help the hearing impaired.

Justin Osmond recently founded The Olive Osmond Perpetual Hearing Fund in honor of his late grandmother who lived in Malad.

The foundation kicked off Thursday night with a concert followed by events this weekend.

The overall goal is to help millions and millions of children and adults gain a better life through better hearing.

"If they can’t hear they'll never be able to comprehend what's really going on throughout the world,” Merrill Osmond said. “I think that's the mission our mother had, the goal, vision so we're now making it happen as her kids."

There are fundraisers for the foundation over the next three days.

Merrill Osmond will host Thursday’s concert at the Colonial Theatre in Idaho Falls at 8 p.m.

Saturday, Donnie Osmond is sponsoring a marathon.

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