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Donny Osmond's Christmas Miracle
January 4, 2012
Mormon Moms Who Blog

A few months back we moved from one part of the city to another - into a small cul-de-sac with sweet widowed neighbors and a safer environment than before.  We felt 'led' here and were very grateful to have been given the chance to have a new start in a good area. came packaged with our 10th move in 12 yrs., movers-exhaustion and...some trepidation as to new people, places and things. Donny Osmond

The first day at church, and thanks to my son who was a bit nervous anyway, we came in a few minutes late and found a row closer to the back where there were some empty spaces. After church this wonderful woman at the end of our row - welcomed us and introduced herself as Debbie Osmond (Donny's sweet wife).  I loved her immediately.  She was truly genuine, warm and welcoming.  That day she made an honest difference for us - in feeling 'at home' and in a place where we could belong.  (One of these times I need to tell her how much it meant to us!) 

Anyway, fast forward 5 months to last Sunday; Christmas Day.  I woke, grateful that Christmas was on a Sunday so that we could really focus on the true meaning.  We arrived early to the church - and to a vision of beautiful sprigs of greenery hung at the front of the chapel, large red bows throughout and several grand poinsettia plants.  Christmas hymns were softly played on the organ as the peace and serenity of the day were apparent to those of us who desired to worship the Lord on His special day.

After partaking of the Sacrament (which, in itself was perhaps even more meaningful on a Christmas day) it was announced that Donny Osmond would be our first Christmas speaker.  He began by tenderly telling of his Christmas miracle - the night before.  It was inspirational and heart-warming and a dear reminder of what Christmas is all about.  I will share it with you because it's truly in keeping with the meaning of the season and with the miraculous hand of the Lord in our lives.  I hope you'll receive it in that same spirit.

Their son, Chris, has been serving for the past 2 yrs. in the Netherlands as an LDS missionary.  Due to be released on Jan. 4th - all were awaiting his arrival at that time.  But, because of travel and performance conflicts, it was 'miraculously' allowed/arranged between Donny and several church leaders - to allow Chris (and the other missionaries of his group) to return on Dec. 20th in order to be with his family for the holidays.  So, unbeknownst to most, Donny worked for 8 months to make all the appropriate accommodations and... to surprise his wife and family.

After Thanksgiving, Donny purchased a large furniture box and, apparently, weighted it down with enough stuff to keep his wife guessing what it was.  He wrapped it and placed it near the tree awaiting Christmas Eve when, according to family tradition, it would be the one present to open that evening.

Dec. 24th, Donny (and Chris) flew home from Chicago where he and Marie had been performing.   Donny and his wife went upstairs to watch a 25 min. video - while their other son, Don, secretly got his missionary brother into the large box.  When the time came and the box was opened the greatest shock and surprise was Debbie's as she 'freaked out' - Donny said.  :) 

As mothers, we can only imagine the myriad of emotions that would come with that incredible reunion.  The greatest gift of all is to know that 'our children walk in truth' - including....that a son served the Lord on an honorable mission and with all his heart and soul.

Donny teared up at this point - which made the rest of us weep as well.  It was a poignant message at Christmas time about a son returning home to his father and mother after having served well and fully.  That's why I call it his 'Christmas Miracle'.

It reminded me of several other scripture stories of significant reunions after years of being apart.  This can only be indicative of another reunion that we all long for someday; that of being reunited with loved ones on the 'other side' and...with our beloved Father whom we will then know that we know so well

Donny's talk has caused me deep reflection this week.  Part of that is with my own earthly family.  Will my son serve an honorable mission someday?  Will he love and serve and care for others as I have so earnestly tried to teach him?  Will he be the kind of missionary that I can be pleased for him to be?  And... additionally, and perhaps even more important, - will "I" be able to return home from my earthly mission honorably? Will I know that I have done all that the Lord has asked of me and with a full amount of gratitude for life-lessons, trials, growth, joys?

I'm thankful for one particular thing this year and...that is that Christmas was on a Sunday.  It was the best way I could think of to start this new year of 2012  - and ponder on all the things that many of us know are ahead.  We're eternally blessed to have the Savior as our exemplar, friend and advocate.  It is our privilege and joy to do His will and Keep His commandments - with all our hearts and with all our souls.



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