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Utah Senator Seeks Input; Considering How To Define When Human Life Begins
Fox 13
by Meredith Fofrest Kulwicki
February 2, 2012

SALT LAKE CITY— A Utah Senator is taking some initial steps to create a definition for when human life begins and is seeking public input. 

Sen. Aaron Osmond, a freshman senator from South Jordan, says he has been approached by several groups urging him to pursue a definition of when life begins.

Sen. Osmond says he is just trying to start the discussion.  He has established a web page asking the question, "When does a person become a person?" where the public can comment or contact him with feedback.

"Right now it's an exploration.  Is it an appropriate time to have this conversation?" said Sen Osmond. "We're evaluating that, and the most important part to me is that I'm reaching out to all stakeholders, trying to understand the feedback from the community and various organizations.  Is it the right time for us to explore this issue and figure out what answer should be."

Gov Herbert did weigh in on the issue Thursday saying, "Well I think it's an issue... fraught with emotion, and will necessitate a lot of debate.  The ramifications of that I'm not certain I understand, and so I want to understand not only the consequences of the bill, but unintended, potential consequences of the bill."




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