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Marie Osmond Talks Fame, Marriage, and Family
The Republic
by Randy Cordova
March 7, 2012

Marie Osmond was only 14 when she took "Paper Roses" to the top of the country charts. Nearly 40 years later, the singer remains as well known as ever, thanks to TV work, two best-selling books, a collectible doll line and her smash stint with brother Donny in Las Vegas that has made them Steve and Eydie for a new generation.

Marie Osmond
When: 4 and 7:30 p.m. Sunday, March 11, and Monday, March 12.
Where:Mesa Regal, 4700 E. Main St., on Sunday; Valle del Oro, 1542 S. Ellsworth Road, Mesa, on Monday.
Admission: $30-$55.
Details: Mesa Regal at 480-981-5118; Valle Del Oro at 480-984-5076;

Instilled with her family's famous work ethic, Osmond will enjoy her time off from the Flamingo in Vegas by performing four concerts in Mesa this week, which will show off another side of the ageless performer.

QUESTION: You're in Vegas with Donny the day before, and the day after you're here. Do you ever take a day off?

ANSWER: Well, let's put it this way: The commitment was done for Arizona, and there was no place to put it but right in between shows. It's OK, though. (Laughing) It's more of a diverse show because Donny isn't with me.

Q: You've been doing the Donny and Marie shows for a while in Vegas. Is it odd to do a solo show again?

A: Before we started Vegas, we hadn't performed together for like 28 years. When I do shows like this, it's very eclectic, with '70s songs, my country hits, recent songs, even an opera piece. I'm not bringing a huge show. It's not a Vegas show. It's music, talking and I'll have some video footage -- it's very intimate, almost like "An Evening With."

Q: You are somebody who can sing just about any genre, but do you have a favorite?

A: I'm one of those strange people who can do different styles of music. But I love country music. I'm a little bit country -- I coined the phrase and I still am. But I went to Broadway to be able to do that legit kind of singing. I can do operetta. I can sing rock and pop. But my musical preference is country.

Q: Your last album, "I Can Do This," was so different, with gospel and opera, and yet it sold well. Were you expecting that?

A: That was a personal album for me, and probably the last time I'll do an inspirational album. It was very eclectic. We went to Prague and recorded with the symphony. We even had the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (Laughing) Well, I guess I have connections there.

Q: You sound like you are singing better than ever, definitely with more depth. Do you feel like you are better now?

A: I don't think I can answer that. I can say I'm deeper than I was when I was 12 and singing "Paper Roses," because, well, I was 12 (laughing). As your life evolves, your interpretations become richer and more emotional. You have highs and lows and you become more seasoned.

Q: You've achieved a high-profile longevity in the business that is rare. What do you attribute that to?

A: I feel blessed, but I normally don't tell everybody since I'm only 29. (Laughing) But this year Donny and I have been working together like 49 years. That's just crazy. When we signed up to appear at the Flamingo, it was for six weeks, and here we are four years later. Everybody has ups and downs, but I really believe we have the best fans in the world.

Q: You remarried your first husband last year, so you're still newlyweds. How does it feel?

A: It's so wonderful. It's like coming home. I don't even know how to explain it. For 25 years, I had no clue what real happiness was. Now, it's just very nice to be happy.




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