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Donny Osmond Dishes on Sister Marie's Embarrassing 'Accident'
Opposing Views
March 20, 2012

Donny Osmond speaks! The entertainer talked to about his Dancing With the Stars predictions, why he and little sis Marie will be playing Vegas “till they die” and much more! Speaking of Marie, Donny also opened up about his sister’s now-infamous “accident” during a recent performance! Read on…

On Marie’s little “accident” during the farewell night of the “Donny & Marie Crusin’ With Friends” tour.

“Wasn’t that the funniest thing you’ve ever seen in your whole life? On the final night, there was a video that they put together of the entire cruise and it was the worst thing I have ever seen in my life! At the very end of it, Marie and I looked at each other like ‘What are we gonna say? So we were trying to be very polite, saying that it was sweet, and I said, ‘I wonder who put that together?’ And Marie said, ‘Well, whoever did is not going to do it next year!’ And that just started the process. She lost it, and then I lost it, and finally she just peed her pants! She tried to cover it up, but there’s no way to cover it up. It just got worse and worse and funnier and funnier. She was so embarrassed about it, but I kind of consoled her. The other night, she said, ‘How do I redeem myself from this?’ I said, ‘Marie, you are now extremely normal. So many people can relate to you,’ and she embraced it. It’s so important to just be yourself.”

Who is he rooting for on DWTS this season?

“Jack Wagner made an interesting statement the other day. He said, ‘I’m willing to do anything: thong, pumps, you name it, I’ll go naked!’ He’s a politician, baby! He’s working it! Jack and I have known each other for many years. I wrote the last song that charted for him back in 1983, a song called ‘Too Young.’ I’d love to see what Gladys Knight is going to do, too.”

On his teenybopper image.

“Oh, I embrace it. I totally get it. I look back at some of the stuff I did when I was 14 years old: ‘Puppy Love’ and ‘Sweet and Innocent,’ ‘Go Away Little Girl’ and all those songs, and it was fine for the time, but it was definitely kinda cheesy for somebody who is into Black Sabbath or Jimi Hendrix or something like that!”

Visit for more from Donny Osmond, including his take on fashion mishaps over the years, his drive to entertain and his little-known hobby!



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