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Salt Lake Tribune - Letter to the Editor
March 20, 2012

Sen. Aaron Osmond, R-South Jordan, really needs a course in Utah politics. What’s with the compromising, listening and bringing people together?

According to "On education: Legislature fails children" (Our View, March 9), the "bill mandating evaluations for teachers and administrators and tying a portion of any potential pay raise to the results of those evaluations … was rightly called a landmark because it was written with input from legislators, parents and educators across the state. Sen. Osmond spent months collecting feedback from all parties. Osmond appears to be genuinely interested in hearing what in-the-trenches educators have to say about education."

 Doesn’t Osmond know that "R" by his name stands for rigid? If he keeps this up, he’ll probably end up solving more problems than he creates. How’s that going to get him re-elected in a state where stubbornness, paternalism and wrongheadedness govern?

Randy Ockey



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