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The Love Boat

The Love Boat is an American television series set on a cruise ship, which aired on the ABC Television Network from September 24, 1977, until May 24, 1986. The show starred Gavin MacLeod as the ship's captain. It was part of ABC's popular Saturday night lineup that included Fantasy Island until that show ended in 1984. The executive producer for the series was Aaron Spelling who produced several successful series for ABC from the 1960s to the 1980s. The sitcom was usually set aboard a cruise liner called the Pacific Princess, whose passengers and crew had romantic and funny adventures every week.

The Love Boat - February 16, 1985 - Getting Started

Jimmy Osmond & Glen Scarpelli were on the Love Boat in 1985 - their story line was called Getting Started. In this episode, Paul Lewis (Jimmy Osmond) and Boomer (Glen Scarpelli) jump to the wrong conclusion of what Paul's father left for him on board the ship.

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