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Nashville Now

Nashville Now is a television talk show that focused on country music performers. It aired live weeknights on The Nashville Network from 1983-1993. The host was Nashville TV/radio personality Ralph Emery. The show won several Emmy awards during its run. A frequent guest and substitute host was Shotgun Red, a puppet performed by bandleader Steve Hall. It originated from TNN's studio ("Gaslight Theater") at Opryland USA in Nashville.

Nashville Now - June 12, 1985 - Marie & Osmond Brothers

Part 1

Marie sings Read My Lips.

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Part 2 - Interview

Marie talks about being on Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

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Part 3

The Osmond Brothers sing I Think About Your Lovin'.

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Part 4 - Interview

The Osmond Brothers talk about Fan Fair.

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Part 5

The Osmond Brothers sing Yes Ma'am.

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Part 6

Marie and Dan Seals perform Meet Me In Montana.

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Part 7

Marie and the Brothers take phone calls from viewing audience.

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Part 8

The Osmond Brothers perform Anytime.

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Part 9

The Osmond Brothers are interviewed.

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Part 10

Marie sings There's No Stopping Your Heart.

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Part 11

Ralphy Emery wraps up the show.

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