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Popstar To Operastar

Popstar to Operastar is a British television program singing competition based around the training of current pop stars to be able to sing opera. The show is an opera-singing competition in which eight celebrity singers who are known for singing pop music compete through the competition and try to win the title of the show. Each week they are trained by professional opera stars (mentors); who teach them how to sing opera. The acts all perform live, giving a performance of their operatic song in an effort to impress the public, who will vote for them to keep them in the competition. Each performance is shown both live on television and in front of a live studio audience. The two singers with the fewest public votes are in the bottom two and get the chance to sing again, however their previous performance are "forgiven and forgotten" and the judges vote based on their sing-off performance who should stay and go. During the first series, if the judges vote went to a tie, it would go down to the public vote.

Submitted by Barbara McGookin

Popstar To Operastar - January 29, 2010

Jimmy Osmond sings his final number in Week 3 of this British competition.

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