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The Seven Little Foys

In 1964, Bob Hope (who had played Eddie Foy Sr. in the 1955 film The Seven Little Foys), hosted an hour-long TV version of The Seven Little Foys, which aired January 24, 1964 as part of the NBC TV series Bob Hope Presents The Chrysler Theatre. Eddie Foy Jr. starred as Eddie Foy Sr. Mickey Rooney played George M. Cohan. The Osmond brothers portrayed various Foy children in this TV program, which was also the pilot for a proposed series.

The Seven Little Foys - January 24, 1964

Part 1
In this part, the Seven Little Foys are part of a vaudeville act and their dad decides to take them out of show business so that they can go to school and get a proper education.

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Part 2
The kids are getting ready for school with the start of a good breakfast.

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Part 3
The kids arrive at school and cause such a commotion that their dad is called into the principal's office.

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Part 4
George M. Cohan (Mickey Rooney) and George Tobias (Barney Green) try to persuade Eddie Foy to get back into show business.

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Part 5
Eddie Foy wrestles with his decision to keep the kids out of vaudeville and wanting to still do vaudeville.

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Part 6
In this segment, the kids express their concern about breaking up the act. Eddie Foy decides to keep the act going and meet the President of the United States.

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Eddie Foy, Jr: Eddie Foy, Sr.
Mickey Rooney: George M. Cohan
George Tobias: Barney Green
Alan Osmond: Bryan Foy
Wayne Osmond: Charley Foy
Merrill Osmond: Richard Foy
Jay Osmond: Eddie Foy, Jr.
Donny Osmond: Irving Foy
Christy Jordan: Mary Foy
Naomi Stevens: Aunt Clara

I remember the many conversations with Eddie Foy Jr., whose part I was playing in the movie. It was really cool, because he was playing his dad in the movie. I remember that he helped me with my lines and mannerisms.

It reminded me also when ABC did a movie on our family. I was talking with the young man, who played "me" about what I was feeling at that time in my life! - Jay Osmond



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