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Ave Verum Corpus

I Can Do This
2010 Osmond Entertainment

Time:  2:45

Arranged and produced by
Jerry Williams

Recorded by
City of Prague Philharmonic / Smecky Studios

Choir recorded at
LA East Studios

Glen Niebar

All additional recording by
Jerry Williams
Rite Tune Studios

Ave Verum Corpus

Ave, verum corpus
natum de Maria Virgine,

Vere passum immolatum
in Cruce pro homine,

Cujus latus perforatum
unda fluxit sanguine,

Esto nobis praegustatum
in mortis examine.

In mortis examine.

English Translation:
Hail,true body
born of the Virgin Mary,
Who truly suffered, sacrificed
on the Cross for man,
Whose pierced side overflowed
with water and blood,
Be for us a foretaste
In the test of death.

While Mozart wrote this as a choral piece, and it is regarded worldwide as one of the most beautiful pieces he ever composed, the choice was made by us to present this as an operatic solo with choir.  I feel very blessed by God to have had so many opportunities to sing in various genres of music throughout my career.  To now be able to sing the meaning of this beautiful song through an operatic style has fulfilled my greatest heart’s desire and has brought great joy to my soul. 
Marie Osmond

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I Can Do This





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