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Fallin' In Love

It's About Time

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Goin' Coconuts
Goin' Coconuts
Original Version
It's About Time
It's About Time
Jay Osmond

Sung By:
Jay Osmond & Babette Young

Time: 2:51

Fallin' In Love

Don’t you know that fallin’ in love
Can happen to you
No one knows
the feeling of love
Til it happens to you
All at once you find what
you’ve been looking for
And fall in love
Here we go
Falling in love again

When you fall in love
All you can say is ‘I love you’
Hey don’t you know
That fallin’ in love
Is so easy to do
Oooh there she is
Oh here I am
I need you so,
wo wo wo wo
Here we go
Fallin’ in love again

Oh don’t you know
that fallin’ in love
is what people do
Yeah fallin’ in love
is in my heart and my mind
when I’m with you

The moon is right
The stars at night
all seem to know
Wo wo wo wo
Here we go
fallin’ in love again

Oh it’s plain to see
that I love you eternally
Wo wo wo wo
Could it be
we’re fallin’ in love again

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It's About Time





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