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Hold Her Tight

Never Say Never
2004 Curb Records

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Crazy Horses
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Best of The Osmonds
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Never Say Never
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Classic Rock
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UK 50th Tour
The Osmonds

Sung By:
Merrill Osmond

Time:  2:04

Written By:
Alan Osmond – Wayne Osmond – Merrill Osmond

Produced by:
Merrill Osmond

Audio Produced and
Recorded by:

Keirsey Music Productions

Arrangement by:
Mitch Kiersey

Guitar: Gene Puckett
Bass: Bryan Lawson
Drums: Steve Mason
Keyboards: Aaron Smith

Hold Her Tight

What is the matter
Now what did you do
Did you go and lose her,
like the others too
Let me tell you something,
here's the way it goes.
There's a way to treat 'em
everybody knows.

Hold her tight,
Hold her like a baby.
Make her feel, make her feel real good.
Give a chance,
give her time to love ya.
Don't let go,if you know
no one else can touch her, yeah























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Never Say Never





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