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Kimi Wa Pretty
(You're So Pretty)

Kimi Wa Pretty
1981 Epic Sony Corp

***There are different versions
of this song. Click on the links
below to hear the differences.

Kimi Wa Pretty
Jimmy - Japanese / English
You're So Pretty
Jimmy - English

Sung By:
Jimmy Osmond

Time:  3:37

Arranged by:
Toshiyuki Kimori

Produced by: 
Ikuro Meguro

Recording and Mix Engineer: 
Yuichi Maegima

Executive Producer: 
Noriko Iida, Yoshio Aoyama

Kimi Wa Pretty
(You're So Pretty)

Girl you’re so pretty
and you’re so sexy
With those dark and flashing eyes
Hey girl you’re
breaking my heart
I feel I’m in love with you.

You’re a cute little girl,
still a bad little girl
Cause you keep me hangin’ on
Come on baby smile for me
Tell me there ain’t nobody else.

Oh my girl, I love you
Honest I do
Treat me nice
Tell me that you love me too.

You know I want you.
You know I love you.
You know I never felt this way before
You’ve got me in a spin
and I don’t know what for.

You know I want you
You know I love you
And when you turn those
dark brown eyes my way
My heart beats with such 
madness when you’re next to me.

You’re a sweet angel,
though you’re just a little girl
And it hurts me when I see
You’re dancing cheek to cheek
With some other sweet talking guy.

Oh my girl
You’ve got me
down on my knees.
Just for me
Save your kisses
won’t you please.

You know I want you
You know I love you
I want to hold you
in my arms so tight
And take you far away from
all those guys tonight.

You know I want you.
You know I love you
I want to take your
 little hand in mine
And with this golden ring
I’ll make you mine all mine.

You know I want you.
You know I love you.
I only wish that I
could tell you girl.
How much you mean to me,
and how I really feel.

You know I want you.
You know I love you.
You’ll always be
the only girl for me.
Come on and let me
take you to America.

Yeah, want you!

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Kimi Wa Pretty
You're So Pretty





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