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The Twelfth of Never

This Is The Moment
2001 Universal Classics Group

***There are different versions
of this song. Click on the links
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Alone Together
Alone Together
Original Version
This Is The Moment
This Is The Moment
Updated Version

Sung By:
Donny Osmond


Written by: 
Paul Francis Webster –
Jerry Livingston

The Twelfth Of Never

You ask how much I need you,
must I explain?
I need you, oh, my darling,
like roses need rain.
You ask how long I'll love you,
I'll tell you true.
Until the twelfth of never,
I'll still be loving you.

Hold me close,
never let me go.
Hold me close,
melt my heart like April snow.

I'll love you till the bluebells
forget to bloom,
I'll love you till the
clover has lost it's perfume.
I'll love you till the
poets run out of rhyme,
until the twelfth of never,
and that's a long, long time.
Until the twelfth of never,
and that's a long long time.

That's a long, long time





This song can be found on the following albums:

This Is The Moment





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