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Musicarnival Presents Phyllis Diller
September 1967

(Note: This article was an advertisement for a show starring Phyllis Diller with Warde Donovan and The Osmond Brothers as an added attraction.  The Musical Director was William Cox.  The show was at Musicarnival with John L. Price, Jr. as the producer.  The show was for one week only – Monday, Sept 18 – Sunday, Sept 24, 1967.  We do not have the full article – just the part with the Osmonds.)

THE OSMOND BROTHERS (Alan, 18; Wayne, 16; Merrill, 14; Jay, 12;  Donny, 9).  Credit Andy Williams’ father, Jay, with having a keen eye for talent.  Without him, it’s likely the Osmond Brothers would still be singing for church groups, clubs, and community benefits in Ogden, Utah.

Jay Williams first saw the boys on a TV program in 1961.  Several months later they made their debut on the Andy Williams Show and they have been a popular feature of Andy’s program for the past five years.  During that time they have recorded many albums, appeared in a variety of other TV shows, and managed to keep their report card grades above average.

Viewers may be aware of only five Osmonds.  They started as a quartet with Donny joining the act as a regular last year.  There are a total of nine Osmonds youngsters.  The others are two older sons – Virl and Tom, and two younger children – Marie 7, and Jimmy, 4.  Marie and Jimmy are not part of the act regularly but do perform occasionally.

Their parents are George and Olive Osmond.  He’s a former insurance broker who now busies himself with the act and a “dabble of real estate.”  Olive looks after the whole family.

It all began in Ogden.  Fridays were special in the Osmond household.  Each member of the clan was expected to entertain.  Some sang, some told jokes and others gave speeches.  Stage fright was soon overcome.

On a fishing trip to Yellowstone Park, Father Osmond began singing The Old Oaken Bucket and Alan joined in.  Soon the Osmonds were singing three-part harmony.  Their first public appearance was in an Ogden Church.  They later added barbershop singing.

A 1961 visit to Disneyland and an audition there led to their first TV appearance – Disneyland After Dark – the show that Jay Williams saw.  They returned to Disneyland to sing at the Golden Horseshoe Theatre, then went back to start school in Ogden…until a telephone call from Jay Williams.

Their MGM record albums include Songs We Sang on the Andy Williams Show, The Osmond Brothers Sing the All-Time Hymn Favorites, A Christmas Album, and The New Sounds of the Osmonds Brothers.



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