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Hey Girl
(Live Version)

1972 MGM Records

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Portait of Donny
Portrait of Donny
Original Version
Osmonds "Live"
Osmonds "Live"
Live Version

Sung By:
Donny Osmond

Written by:  
Gerry Goffin – Carole King

Hey Girl

Hey girl, I want you to know
I'm going to miss you
so much if you go.
(bye bye baby)

And hey girl, I tell you no lie,
Something deep inside
of me is going to die
(bye bye baby)
if you say so long,
if this is good-bye, oh

Hey girl, this can't be true.
(can’t be true)
How am I supposed to
exist without you?
(without you)

And hey girl, now don't put me on,
what's goin’ to happen to
me when you're gone?
How will I live,
how can I go on?
How can I go on,
Hey girl. Oh.

(bye bye baby)
Hey girl, now sit yourself down,
I'm not ashamed to get
down on the ground
and beg you, beg you to stay.
Oh, don't go away
Hey girl.

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