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March 5, 1967

The Osmond Brothers appeared on the Andy Williams Show which aired on this date. They sang Mame and Fascinating Rhythm.

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March 12, 1967

The Osmond Brothers appeared on the Andy Williams Show which aired on this date. They sang a Swanee Medley and Jimmy made his debut singing Red Roses For a Blue Lady.

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May 1967
The Osmond Brothers recorded I Can’t Stop / Flower Music.

June 1967


The Osmond Brothers’ single, I Can’t Stop / Flower Music was released on the Uni Recording label.

The Osmond Brothers flexi disc, Osmonds Come To Japan was released.

The Osmond Brothers second Swedish EP containing Ovan Regnbagen / Huldas Karin / Du Lasse Lasse Liten / En Dag Fllyd Av Karkek was released in Sweden.

July 4, 1967 Tuesday
The Osmond Family performed during a tour of Sweden. 

July 14, 1967
The Osmonds were in Aruika, Sweden. 

July 19, 1967 Wednesday
The Osmonds had just checked out of the Rally Hotel in Lindkoping, Sweden and stopped at a park across the street to have their picture taken.  Jimmy had just announced they were going on a sightseeing “ter”.

July 20, 1967 Thursday
The Osmonds were in Veltanda, Sweden.  They stayed in the Tjust Motel in Gamleby, Sweden. 

July 25, 1967 Tuesday
The Osmonds stopped and posed for pictures with the producer of the television show in a park in Linkaping, Sweden.

July 27, 1967 Wednesday
The Osmonds had dinner near Sala, Sweden.  The Karin Falk family prepared chicken salad, potatoes with dill, bread, cheese, and a grapefruit drink.  Olive stated on the back of the photo that this was the “best dinner we had since we got to Sweden.”

August 3, 1967 Thursday
The Osmonds posed for a picture by a lane near their villa in Stockholm, Sweden.

Summer 1967

The Osmonds appeared in a television special that they filmed while they were in Sweden. The Osmonds In Sweden special introduced the Osmonds to the Swedish people, showed what it was like being on the bus, in the dressing room, rehearsal hall and their performances on stage.

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August 26, 1967 Wednesday
Osmonds Please Swedes


An article appeared in the Church News about the Osmonds just completing a 2-month “Park Tour” in Sweden.  In the article it stated the Osmonds stole the hearts of the Swedish people.  Not only did they perform, but they showed they had the missionary spirit by handing out copies of the Book of Mormon to interested people and obtained referrals for the missionaries.  Virl and Tom were serving their missions in Edmonton, Canada.  Many homes had been opened to the missionaries as a result of the good impression the Swedish people received from seeing these young artists perform.  The Osmonds visited many branches on Sundays as they travelled through Sweden.  In Stockholm, they spoke and sang at a meeting held for three combined branches in that area.  Investigators that attended the meeting were impressed by hearing the testimonies of this Mormon family. 

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September 1967
A news article stated that the Osmonds were joining Phyllis Diller and Ward Donovan at Musicarnival. The article gave a brief biography of the Osmonds.

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September 7, 1967 Thursday
The Osmonds were on the road and took a picture of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

September 18 – September 24, 1967

The Osmond Brothers appeared as guests on “The Phyllis Diller Show” at the MusiCarnival (not sure of location).  Warde Donovan was also a guest on the show and William Cox was the Musical Director.  Following their MusiCarnival performance, the Osmonds returned to Los Angeles for the start of a new season and a taping session for the Andy Williams Christmas Special.

September 20, 1967
A newspaper article entitled Mrs. Osmond Mothers the Brothers appeared in The Press - Today With Women on this date. The article was about Olive Osmond and her memories of living in Huntsville before the Osmonds started performing on the Andy Williams Show. She talks about how their lives have changed and how they keep on going.

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October 26 – November 8, 1967
The Osmond Brothers appeared as special guest stars and opened for Italian Tenor, Sergio Franchi, in the Circus Room of the Sparks Nugget in Reno, Nevada.  Ticket prices started at $4.00. 

November 1967
The Osmond Brothers performed in North Tonawanda, New York as part of the “Phyllis Diller Show” in the musical tent, Melody Fair.  A local article stated: “The Osmond Brothers are very talented.  Unlike most singing groups their age who specialize in rock and roll, The Osmond Brothers have proven themselves to be very versatile and extremely talented.   Aside from their superb singing ability, the Osmonds dance. – not only the wild modern dances, but also tap dancing and soft shoe.  They play electric guitars and saxophones and Jay is one of the hottest drummers in the business. They possess more musical talents and are capable of entertaining audiences for many years to come. 

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November 1, 1967
A review appeared in Variety covering Sergio Frachi's show at the Nugget in Sparks, NV. The last paragraph of the article talks about the Osmonds' performance and they were given a rave review.

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November 5, 1967
A local article entitled Osmond Brothers Receive Great Sparks Review stated the Osmond Brothers all but stole the show when they performed with Sergio Franchi in the Circus Room at the Nugget in Sparks, NV on November 4th. The article also stated that it was impressive how the Osmond children behaved during the interview.  They were attentive, courteous, and smiling which are earmarks fo their good Mormon upbringing.

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November 21, 1967
A Press Release from Barnaby Productions announced that the Osmonds would be joining Andy Williams for his forthcoming Christmas show. The Release stated that 4-year old Jimmy would also be performing on the show.

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November 21, 1967
A Press Release from NBC went into further detail about the Andy Williams Christmas Show.

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December 13, 1967 Wednesday


The Andy Williams Christmas Show was televised with the Osmond Brothers appearing as guests.  The was sponsored by the Fireman’s Fund and scheduled for NBC-TV.  Other guests included Andy’s brothers and the entire Williams clan.  The show opened with Andy singing Skater’s Waltz set up against the background of an ice rink, with 24 skaters and 6 skiers.  The Osmond Brothers joined Andy and his brothers with Happy Holiday Season.  Then the Osmonds sang It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year as they skated around the rink.  The entire cast sang We Need A Little Christmas and then offered a Christmas musical starring and the Williams family and friends.  Jimmy Osmond sang Tell Me Babe What’s New.  The Andy Williams Christmas Show was produced by Edward Stephenson, and directed by Bob Henry.  It was written by Harry Crane and Don Hinkley. 
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